Dr Keith T Blayney PO Box 447
MBChB (Auck), DipObst, FRNZCGP Hawera, 4800
General Practitioner New Zealand

16th August 2004


Dear Annette King,

Re PHO Baloney

It is probably safe to say that we are unlikely to agree about PHOs, as your perspective is the health needs of the overall population while I deal with the individuals in my practice and their particular needs.

However, what concerns me is your apparent limited reading exposure, if my little piece is the "biggest piece of baloney" you have ever read. What is more, most of it comes directly from what you or Helen Clark have signed on the subject!

I could agree with you that the sections where I directly quoted you are baloney, but I assume you didn't mean that, so I wonder why you don't understand the concern of many GPs which I have tried to express here. Specifically....

I suspect the swing away from Labour is partially fuelled by the average New Zealander starting to object to more loss of personal freedom for a perceived "common good" that they don't agree with. Seeing money given to groups that have high health needs because of their unhealthy choices is another concern I often hear voiced. Forcing GPs into organizations they are not comfortable with will not in any way help the shortage of GPs, nor reduce the high stress levels faced by those who elect to stay in New Zealand.

Your letter, this reply and a Letter to the Editor (photocopy enclosed) are of interest to a lot of people and are available on the Internet at www.drblayney.com/HPolitics.html. Copies have also been sent to the local MP (Jill Pettis), the National candidate (Chester Borrows), and Rodney Hide.


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Dr Keith Blayney

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