Doc Joke 1

A surgeon, a GP and a Health Manager


Three friends who had been at medical school together met at a cafe but a drunk driver lost control and smashed into their table, tragically killing all three. When they lined up at the pearly gates for admission to heaven. St. Peter asked them to identify themselves.

One stepped forward and said: "I was a private surgeon who tried to get the absolutely best outcomes for patients. Our profits went towards research as well as funding poor patients not able to afford insurance."

St. Peter said, "You may enter."

The second said "I was a busy GP working in rural town which didn't qualify for any government rural funding. Patients couldn't afford realistic fees but I still tried to give them the same or better care more well-to-do or better subsidised areas got. Subsequently I was never very well off, could not afford locums and so rarely had a holiday."

Again St. Peter said, "You may enter."

The third applicant stepped forward and said, "After qualifying I went on to study management and became a District Health Board surgical manager. I helped the people get cost-effective health care."

St. Peter said, "You may come in too." But as the DHB manager stepped forward, St. Peter added, "However, you have been assesed as "semi-urgent", so we might have a place in six to twelve months, but you will only be able to stay three days. After that, you will be released."