The Mirena System

A contraceptive and menorrhagia (heavy period) treatment lasting 5 years

Mirena The Mirena device is a hormonal intrauterine system which releases a small quantity (av 15mcg Levonorgestrol/day). This results in:

    Period Control
  • some spotting is common
  • lighter, shorter periods
  • usually the periods decrease over time
  • by one year, 1 in 5 women have no periods
  • reduced uterine lining (endometrium)
  • increased thickness of cervical mucus creating a barrier (like the minipill)
  • inhibition of sperm to egg binding
  • effective as sterilisation (2 pregnancies per 1,000)

Availability: The Mirena is available through your GP who may refer you to a trained GP (such as Dr Blayney) or gynaecologist to have it fitted. It is fully funded with a Special Authority number (see below) although a precription fee still applies. It is also available from your GP or specialist through Schering for about $300 (plus the fitting cost) for those who don't qualify.

Special Authority: If heavy periods are not responding to standard treatments and there is evidence of iron deficiency (Haemoglobin below 120g/l, Ferritin below 16mctg/l), your GP or specialist can apply for a Special Authority number.

You will still have to pay:

  1. the GP or gynaecologist fee for the initial consultation
  2. the pharmacy prescription fee ($15 or $3 with CS Card)
  3. the GP or gynaecologist fee for fitting the device
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