Other Procedures and Services

The Practice also offers:
  • ElectroCardiogram (ECG) -recommended baseline for anyone with cardiac risk factors (eg Hypertension). Interpretation in context of patient status is essential.

  • Ear Wax removal (mechanical or syringing) -please soften with eardrops (or vegetable oil) for 24 hours before (if possible). Options include suction, syringing and mechanical (direct vision) removal.

  • Home visits where appropriate -terminal care and bed bound only, but for most patients a visit to the surgery is more appropriate, and MUCH cheaper.

  • Medicals including insurance, immigration, military service, drivers licence, sports SCUBA diving, but not aviation (pilots) medicals. See Health Check

  • Psychiatric consultations -please note that this is primarily a medical assessment service and referral on to psychological and/or psychiatric services may be necessary. However, some simple behaviour modification can be taught and basic psychoactive medication prescribed. Tranquillisers and sleeping pills are infrequently prescribed as they are addictive and don't address causes. Likewise, Counselling isn't normally recommended as it hasn't been proven effective and in some cases can be harmful.

What The Practice does NOT offer!
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