Health Promotion and Maintenance

Services include:

  • Nurse Health Check -10 minutes (see "Health Check")

  • Nurse Diabetes or Asthma Check

  • Body Fat Measurement (see "Health Check") -recommended prior to any weight management program

  • Smoking Cessation -"Smokescreen" program, also access to Zyban and Nortriptyline programs.

  • Travel Medicine -it is important to obtain medical advice and vaccination (where appropriate) at least 6 weeks before third world travel

  • Routine Vaccinations -as well as the Immunisation Schedule, Influenza Vaccination is recommended (and free) in autumn for all people over 65, and adults with any chronic illness, e.g. diabetes, lung disease etc. Health care workers and teachers are also advised to have a "flu shot" but are not free!

  • The Full Medical review or "checkup" (see "Health Check") -please note: this service cannot be performed in a 10-15 minute standard consultation but is arranged AFTER the Nurse Health Check (and blood tests).
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