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Pseudo-Science and the Caduceus Wound Coil

[1] There was a site at http://users1.ee.net/pmason/caduceus.html which had claims of "zero impedance and infinite resonance", but it seems to have gone! Virtually identical sites titled "Caduceus Wound Coil Experiments" are to be found at www.zamandayolculuk.com/cetinbal/caduceusexp.htm, www.stealthskater.com/Documents/TIME/Caduceus.doc and www.atlantisdivide.com/cadu.html with claims that the coil even levitates!

[2] There is a Dutch site on the "Electro Smog Killer (ESK) at www.nulpuntenergie.net/frank/esk-zelfbouwen.htm where the author claims "The (ESK) caduceus coil has a strange not yet very understand working. The EM induction is still present, but a new kind of energy is generated. It is this energy (ZPE) who neutralizes the influence from the electrosmog on aura level. We have do do with longitudinale waves. Tesla waves. Not measurable waves. You can only feel the influency.

"Put the coil simply between the wall-outlet and the computer (or electronic devices) You get less tired.

"Since the first ESK is made/sold in 1995 - it has proven to do his work veryy well.. No patents, everybody can build the ESK for his own use."
This device uses a plastc hollow tube, instead of the graphite one used in the Experiments listed below.
Also see www.nulpuntenergie.net/frank/esk.htm

[3] Then there is a site at www.schepjeparadijs.nl/caduceus/ claiming "I can't tell you what it is....I can tell you what it looks like.....I can't tell you what it does."

[4] There are some apparently scientific experiments described in depth at http://jlnlabs.imars.com/spgen/ documenting tests done on the caduceus wound coil, although the results showing a train of Soliton pulses have a number of possible logical (non-psychic) causes.

[5] There are lots of other sites listing this supposed electronic marvel, with less scientific basis, including:


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