Minor Surgery in the Practice

Surgery includes:
  • Changing or worrying skin moles, skin growths or marks, to remove or exclude cancers. Reasonably costing biopsy and excision biopsy (ellipse or simple flaps) are options with generally excellent cosmetic outcomes. (see Excisions)

  • Minor lumps and bumps (see Excisions)

  • Foreign body removal (eye, under skin, in a hole!)

  • Ingrown Nail management (see Phenolic Ablation)

  • Cryotherapy (Liquid Nitrogen for warts, sun damage etc)

  • Injections & aspirations Where appropriate, tendon, joint and bursa treatments.

  • Modern Vasectomy We no longer off the Pre-Pubic "Vatsyayann" technique or services to non-registered patients. In general it is best to have a vasectomy with a specialist urologist or general surgeon, although I could provide a traditional "snip" if specially requested. Either way read about pros and cons here.

  • Everything Else If I can't do it (like a skin graft), I'll find someone who can (if appropriate)! This particularly applies to pure cosmetic surgery requests.


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