Application to become a patient

Because this practice is already bigger than ideal (both in terms of patient access and staff stress), a policy of restricted access has been adopted, rather than "closing the books".

  • Policy -In order to be accepted as a patient of Dr Blayney's Practice, one has to:
    1. Understand and accept that this practice is PRIVATE and INDEPENDENT of the government Primary Health Organisation system, so you will NOT receive any of the government's additional funding for "all" New Zealanders [see FEES] and
    2. Ask politely, in writing. Send to:
      Dr K T Blayney
      PO Box 447
      Hawera 4640 (or preferably deliver in person to 24 High St).

  • Do I have to? -only if you want to become a patient. If you can't be bothered, neither can I. This has proven to be a very effective control on numbers so there are no exceptions to this requirement.

  • But I am free to select any doctor -yes, and as we are a private practice, I am free to not accept anyone, which is
    primarily anyone who can't be polite enough to ask. It is very simple.

  • What do I say? -whatever you like, but don't go overboard, and do include a return address and phone number, not just a signature.

  • What happens next? -if you are needing to be seen quickly, you will be given an appointment as a "casual patient". You will then be given (or posted) a standard reply outlining how the practice is run and how to obtain your old notes (or give permission for us to request them). If you don't like the way the practice is run, feel free to go elsewhere.

  • Are there people you won't accept? -Yes. I cannot accept anyone:
    1. who as a patient of another local GP has been
      • referred to me (say for minor surgery), or
      • who seen by me as a supervisor at another practice
    2. for at least 6 months after being seen (for medico-ethical reasons);
    3. who won't ask in writing;
    4. who has no confidence in me;
    5. who wants a GP to provide drugs or certificates but not medical advice;
    6. who complains about having to be seen for medical care, there are subsidised on-line practices if you don't want face to face (Kanohi ki te kanohi) care;
    7. who complains about our fees. If you want subsidised fees, go to a subsidised clinic. However, you need to understand that our unsubsidised fees are lower than many city practices (who also get substantial Capitation and other subsidies) and the GP income even when we had a rural retention subsidy was one of the lowest in the country. The fees we charge now are still much lower than other unsubsidised professionals with far less training and qualifications such as vets, dentists, optometrists, hairdressers and lawyers;
    8. who doesn't intend to pay for our medical services (see Fees page), if you expect Government subsidies (other than GMS), there are subsidised practises available for you.

  • Can I have you as my GP but go other providers (Nurse Practitioner, Iwi Clinic, other GPs etc) when I wish?
    • If you don't have confidence in my care for the "easy bits", why would I want to take on the "difficult bits"?
    • How can I offer holistic care if I am excluded from aspects of your health care?
    • If something needs care or expertise not available in the Practice, it is better to be referred from the Practice to a service that can provide it (such as a specialist), so we then remain aware of overall health needs
    In short, the answer is, that this situation is incompatible with ideal practise and you may be better with a GP you can trust or who isn't interested in "family medicine" [actually that was the medium answer, the short answer is "no"].

  • Can I apply by e-mail? -of course. Please use the practice e-mail at Orcon, as only personal messages should be sent to my GMAIL address. Please also include a "snail mail" address to allow us to send practice information and transfer of notes request.

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