Fee Schedule May 2022 (update from 2020)

Please see NOTICE_ON_FEES_2015.pdf for a current explanation as to why our fees are different from any other Taranaki practice.

It is expected that your fee is paid immediately after the consultation, or a payment plan arranged with reception before leaving. Not paying for a service is not an option. Running accounts has proven to be too expensive and have been discontinued other than by arrangement including an accounting fee.

The cost of a consultation varies according to time taken, equipment and skills used as well as eligibility for Accident Compensation (ACC) or General Medical Services (GMS) subsidies.

Please note that this practice is not capitated (by choice) so cannot offer low (highly subsidised) fees. The fees we now charge work out to approximately what PHO practices receive as capitation (for adults) before they add their patient fee! -see here.
This means our practice is not profitable and so we ask you to refrain from complaining about your fees which we (not the Government) are subsidising.

  • Accidents -The ACC has not made any effort to cover the real cost of medical consultations, so a $40 "shortfall" charge applies on all but brief ACC consultations. It is not true that ACC covers all medical costs.

  • Community Services Card (CSC) -the Government will subsidise some medical care if you have a CSC. To qualify, you need to be on a benefit or have a low income.  Find out more about your Eligibility, [or ring 0800 999 999]. If you do have a CSC you may also be eligible for a Disability Allowance to cover your fees.

  • Home Visits These are only for house/bed-bound or rest-home patients and not because we are cheaper than a taxi or ambulance. As our practice recieves no funding for terminal cares, patients should not expect this care to be free. Fees will be charged at our discretion and would realistically be similar to 30 minute consultation fees.

  • Current patient CONSULTAION FEES vary according to time, complexity and equipment used as well as pre-existing ACC and GMS subsidies. However as described above our fees are considerably lower than in PHO practices or clinics so we will no longer list the fees to prevent inappropriate comparisons.
    If fees are a problem, you may be better attending a PHO practice that receives Capitation subsidies.

    FEES will vary from relatively low for Brief (10 minutes) for a simple problem or follow-up Consultations, moderate for Standard Consultations (15-20 minutes) and higher for Longer Consultations eg Drivers medicals, multiple unrelated problems, multiple family members and complicated problems, including ALL new psychiatric/Mental Health consultations. PLEASE make sure you book the correct time otherwise you may have to come back if others are waiting for a booked time. Other fees:

    • A "Full General Medical" could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and we expect patients to discuss how long they may need with the Receptionist or Practice Nurse before confirming a time - see full medical.

    • Forms and Certificates: For medicolegal and quality reasons these will not usually be signed outside a consultation (which for these purposes can often be brief and inexpensive). There will however be a fee which will match the time and complexity involved. As I usually need to ask you about the details, PLEASE bring along any certificates you need filled (off work, disability, diasabled, driving etc) as you may have to come back if you don't. Please fill in your part of the form where needed before the consultation.

    • Prescriptions: Also for medico-legal and quality reasons new prescriptions will not usually be signed outside a consultation and repeat prescriptions also need regular face-to-face review (or "Remote" reviews in pandemics). If you have multiple complex prescriptions face-to-face review should ne the norm. All prescriptions outside a consultation attract a significant fee.

    • Practice Nurse Consultations -follow-up checks (such as Blood Pressure) may attract a small fee, and longer consultations, particularly dressings and procedures WILL attract a fee in proportion to the time and cost of materials. Vaccinations on the Immunisation Schedule, and Influenza Vaccination people over 65, or with many chronic illness, e.g. diabetes, lung disease etc remain free. Fees have had to be introduced because the government has decided not to increase the small Practice Nurse subsidy for non-PHO practices.

    • Specialised procedures and Minor Surgery- Fees will depend on the time, materials and type of procedure, but are more substantial but likely to be considerably less than other specialist fees for the same work. Contact our receptionist to discuss likely fee, and payment options should you need to. Also see Minor Surgery, and IUCD & Mirena

    "Yes, but what are your fees?" -The simple answer is ... if you are going to decide to apply to become a patient based on fees, our practice is not appropriate for you. There are subsidised practices that are cheaper if cost is an issue. Anyway, the fees depend on time taken and the service provided.

    "I don't think I can afford your fees" -I can't afford to continue run this practice at a loss either. I could close and work at a PHO or Hospital clinic, but I prefer personal and family rather than population based care and I value my independence to work entirely for the good of the patient, so higher fees are a fact of life in this private practice. If you are really struggling to meet medical fees you may better attending a PHO clinic or you could explore other options:

    See the How you can afford quality Medical Care page

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