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Routine Health Care

Services include:

  • Standard Appointment -The usual appointment time is about 10-15 minutes but feel free to ask for a shorter or longer appointment. A short single problem review may cost much less. If you require more time than requested, it is unfair on others who then have to wait so don't save up problems (or if you do don't be surprised if you are asked to come back). New patient (first visit), "medicals", minor surgery and multiple problems all need longer appointments.

    However delays can occur because of emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances, so it is a good idea to bring a book and not schedule an important appointment shortly after your GP appointment!

  • Accidents -We pride ourselves in good care of sprains, skin tears & cuts as well as removal of foreign bodies from various locations. Major trauma should go direct to the Hawera Emergency Department (ED). If in doubt, ring us.

  • Repeat Prescriptions -we have identified "repeat prescriptions" as a major reason for poor health outcomes as there is a tendency to allow problems to mount up until they are bad enough to see the GP. It is not possible to deal with multiple problems adequately in a normal consultation, with both delays for others and poor outcomes resulting. Therefore, REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS ARE GENERALLY NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM THIS PRACTICE, patients must come in, and if there are no problems, the consultation will be short (and inexpensive).

    Since this policy was introduced, the surgery has been far more efficient and problems are being seen earlier.

  • Home Visits -available for bed-bound or terminal care patients only. All others are encouraged find transport to the surgery as this allows more time and access to better facilities (and will be cheaper). In extreme emergencies a 111 call is often the most sensible way to access immediate help.

  • Laboratory and X-Ray results -we do not routinely ring if your tests have been normal but you will be contacted if you have had a test that is abnormal. You may contact us to get the results (2-3 days for blood tests, cultures and X-Rays, 10+ for biopsies and smears).

  • Fees & Accounts - please pay your account at the time of consultation (a discount applies if you do). Cheques, cash and EFTPOS are welcome. An increased fee may be incurred for longer or more involved consultations, or if special equipment and/or materials are used. [See "Fee schedule"]. If you are having difficulties paying your account or are concerned about the fees, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

  • Forms and Certificates - it is policy not to complete these without seeing the patient as information is often needed from him/her or there can be medico-legal consequences. Insurance medicals are an exception and are a real pain, taking a huge amount of time to research the silly questions, so they are billed accordingly. You can reduce the time (and COST) of these appointments by filling in all the patient details and patient questions sections of these forms before the consultation.

  • Routine Vaccinations -as well as the Immunisation Schedule, Influenza Vaccination is recommended (and free) in autumn for all people over 65, and adults with any chronic illness, e.g. diabetes, lung disease etc. Health care workers and teachers are also advised to have a "flu shot" but are not free!

  • Full Medical review/"check-up" (see "Health Check") -please note: this service cannot be performed in a 10-15 minute standard consultation but is arranged AFTER the Nurse Health Check (and blood tests).
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