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Dr Blayney's Practice -   [pg 3]

Frequently Asked Questions & Topics:
    [1]   What to believe about HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)? There are bad reports in the media!
    [2]   What is the FRNZCGP on the end of Dr Blayney's letters? And what is "Vocational Registration?"
    [3]   What IPA (Independent Practitioner Association) or PHO does the practice belong to?
    [4]   What is the truth about not having Grapefruit with certain medicines?
    [5]   How can you improve diabetic control by changing from reactive to proactive management of your insulin therapy?
    [6]   Why do you support fluoridation of our water? I was concerned about the unscientific and unsubstantiated claims of those actively opposing
           fluoridation, so I researched the literature and tried to find any basis for their claims. The result is my extensive (but Indexed)
           STDC Fluoride Submission to the STDC.
           I also made a submission to the Government Select Committee on 1 Jan 2017 supporting a move to have the Ministry of Health
           (rather than DHBs or Territorial Authorities) deciding on the fluoridation of drinking water.
           See Submission on Fluoridation Amendment
    [7]   Are statins (eg Atorvastatin) as bad as social media claims? Cochrane On Statins
    [8]   Reliable On-line Medical Information:

This page last updated 11th April 2007

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