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Dr Blayney's Practice -   [pg 3]

Frequently Asked Questions & Topics:
    [1]   Are there any safe weight loss drugs, operations or programs that work? Obesity Treatments
    [2]   How can you improve diabetic control by changing from reactive to proactive management of your insulin therapy?
    [3]   What to believe about HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)? There are bad reports in the media!
    [4]   Are statins (eg Atorvastatin) as bad as social media claims? Cochrane On Statins
    [5]   What is the truth about not having Grapefruit with certain medicines?
    [6]   Why do you support fluoridation of our water? I was concerned about the unscientific and unsubstantiated claims of those actively opposing
           fluoridation, so I researched the literature and tried to find any basis for their claims. The result is my extensive (but Indexed)
           STDC Fluoride Submission to the STDC.
           I also made a submission to the Government Select Committee on 1 Jan 2017 supporting a move to have the Ministry of Health
           (rather than DHBs or Territorial Authorities) deciding on the fluoridation of drinking water.
           See Submission on Fluoridation Amendment

           Finally in 2018 the Supreme Court issued a judgement upholding the South Taranaki District's right to Fluoridate Comunity drinking water.
           See New Health New Zealand Incorporated v South Taranaki District Council
    [7]   What is the FRNZCGP on the end of Dr Blayney's letters? And what is "Vocational Registration?"
    [8]   What IPA (Independent Practitioner Association) or PHO does the practice belong to?
    [9]   Reliable On-line Medical Information:

Read about he Staff of Asclepius

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